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blob .gitignore 10 years 7 months William MARTIN: Update the POT generation in Makefile Really delete the older POT file to avoid merge with old entry 184 bytes
blob AUTHORS 11 years 4 months Vladimir Solomatin: Fixed issue 467, exception when deleting an orphan git repo. 958 bytes
blob CONTRIBUTE.mdtext 11 years 1 month Loïc d'Anterroches: Fixed ticket 486, start to explain how to contribute. 4.41 kB
blob COPYING 13 years 2 months Loic d'Anterroches: Added installation instructions and configuration example. 15.12 kB
blob INSTALL.mdtext 11 years 1 month Loïc d'Anterroches: Fixed ticket 481, problem with registration link. 7.72 kB
blob Makefile 10 years 7 months Thomas Keller: -e is needed for bash's echo (and probably others as well) 4.29 kB
blob release-script 10 years 8 months Thomas Keller: Add the PHP command to extract the i18n contents from Pluf's template files 852 bytes

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