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AutomaticLinksSpecial keywords that will be parsed by InDefero2013-08-25
CustomizeInDeferoHow to change the look of InDefero2013-08-25
FeaturesA list of features IDF offers2013-08-25
git-daemon-sysV-InitScriptUsing git-daemon with sysV init in place of git-daemon-run2013-08-28
GitLargeRepositoriesLimitations with large git repositories (Kernel size)2013-08-25
InstallationHow to install InDefero2014-11-30
Installation-Dreamhost-MercurialHow to install InDefero on a shared server like Dreamhost, using Mercurial2013-08-25
Installation-on-FreeBSDInstallation on FreeBSD 7.22013-08-25
InstallationHttpServerNginxHow to have InDefero running on Nginx HTTP Server2013-08-26
InstallationMemcachedHow to use memcached to improve the performance2013-08-26
InstallationOnMacOSXTipsTips on how to install on Mac OSX Snow Leopard2013-08-26
InstallationRHELFedoraHow to install InDefero on Fedora or RHEL (Red Hat, CentOS, Scientific Linux)2013-08-26
InstallationScmGitHow to have InDefero controlling the git access rights2013-08-26
InstallationScmMercurialHow to have InDefero controlling the Mercurial access rights2013-08-26
InstallationScmMonotoneHow to configure InDefero with monotone as SCM backend2013-08-26
InstallationScmSubversionHow to have InDefero controlling the Subversion access rights2013-08-26
LDAP-AuthenticationConfigure Indefero to LDAP authentication2013-08-26
ModelChangesThis pages contains information about model changes2013-08-26
NewsThe changelog for each released IDF version.2013-08-26
NewUserGettingStartedGetting set up with indefero2013-08-26
PostCommitHooksBlueprints on how to implement the post commit hooks2013-08-26
PostCommitIRCBotget your commit log read in IRC live!2013-08-26
RelatedProjectsAndAlternativesList of alternatives to InDefero or interesting projects to follow2013-08-28
ReleaseChecklistThis page lists all steps to release a new version of InDefero2013-08-28
Rework-of-installationinstructionsWork In Progress: Draft of new Installation Instructions2013-08-28

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