localbitcoins filter

This tampermonkey script is designed to add some filtering to localbitcoins site results.

It's a small modification but it has helped me. It does 2 things:

  • Sorts results by dollar amounts (click on table header "Price / BTC")
  • Hide users that are offline or seen recently

These 2 mods allowed me to easily view the highest/lowest amounts and see those who were ready to do a trade now. localbitcoins is a nice looking site but I'm surprised they didn't add some basic filtering.


video demo


This has only been tested on Chrome but should work on Firefox. To get it working on Chrome you need to install the following extension:

Tampermonkey is an extension which allows people to easily write code that can be ran on a given page. It also has a built in update engine which makes it easy to keep scripts up to date.

How to use

Attempting to download the javascript file should trigger tampermonkey to detect that it is a tamper monkey script and install it.

Once installed just navigate to localbitcoins.com and view results (or if you have a window open already - you will need to refresh the page for the script to load)

This will add 2 checkboxes below the navigation bar titled "Hide Recent" and "Hide Offline". Checking either will toggle the display of recent/offline. You may also click on "Price / BTC" to sort the list.


Q: How Does this work?
A: It adds some Javascript onto the page and leverages jQuery for some of the scripting.

Q: Can you steal my account/my BTC in my account?
A: You have my word (check out my background) that I would NEVER introduce any code to steal accounts or BTC. However, there are bad/stupid/greedy people out there who would create a script that would do that.

Q: Can you add X feature?
A: I can look into it - post a ticket/bug on github or srchub.

Q: This doesn't work!
A: See above question.

Q: Can I take this script and modify it/redistribute it? A: Of course - as long as you follow the license (that's the point of applying a license).


If you feel this script was useful please feel free to send BTC to this address - 1kqfr9hYPHTwGdMev9b538sSeyLa5h4FR


This script is licensed under MIT

Development Team
Natalie Adams


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